Business Concierge

Access to information is key when investing in Costa Rica. Legislation changes constantly and this has a direct impact on all sorts of economic interests, such as: real estate, vehicles, boats, corporations, businesses, bank accounts, etc.

At Concierge Group, we believe that you deserve to always have your investments secured. Since none of the government entities send out tax bills, we will send our clients timely reminders and copies of their tax bills so their investments are always current.

At Concierge Group we know that investments abroad require orderly and monitored management. For that reason, we are dedicated in keeping our clients informed and on the loop through our 100% customized service. We focus on informing clients about aspects that might affect their investments in Costa Rica, always with the main objective of safeguarding them. As a result of recent changes in the legislation, many investors have already been affected and are suffering the consequences of the lack of timely information; at Concierge Group Costa Rica, we provide the multidisciplinary support required to solve any imminent problems so that the owners can regain the stability of their investment.

Your corporation’s annual Business Concierge fee gives you access to the following services:

Service 1

You can talk directly to us by phone, skype, video call, email, or through social networks, and ask us your questions. We are a click away.

Service 2

Sending you a calendar of tax obligations, so that you are always financially prepared to pay them.

Service 3

Sending you constant reminders of timely payment for each of the tax obligations so that you do not have top pay interests or penalties.

Service 4

Payment services. We will pay your property taxes in the respective municipalities, homeowner association/condominium fees, public utilities, insurances, etc, upon reception of the funds.

Service 5

Sending you periodic notifications about the investment outlook in Costa Rica.

Service 6

Sending you notifications about changes in the law that impact tax amounts or our their payment method.

For additional costs we can:

-Assist your corporation in the process of initiating a business venture in Costa Rica by executing full "Due Diligence" processes for the acquisition of assets and/or   acquisition of companies.

-Assist you in the process of opening Escrow Accounts with authorized Escrow companies. Supply support and assistance in mergers and acquisitions of existing and   operating businesses.

-If your corporation has been dissolved by the tax department, we can help you liquidate it and regain control of its assets.

-Assist in any process undergone by your corporation.