Do you know that authorities in Costa Rica will not remind you of your tax obligations?
We will send you timely reminders and copies of all of your tax bills.
You deserve to have your investments secured.

Did you know that your Attorney or Resident Agent in Costa Rica is not required to send you a notice when there is a change in legislation that can affect you? WE WILL..

Concierge Group Costa Rica provides investors with a personalized service, where all of your investments needs are met under one roof. You do not have to worry about bureaucratic procedures; we will handle it.

Through Concierge Group Costa Rica, you may rest assured that our team will notify you about any changes in the legislation that may somehow impact your investment, for you to be able to adjust to the new regulations and for your investment to be always in compliance with the law.


If you hire us, we will be your source of information and your personal compliance advisor.

We will… We take care of sending you constant reminders to pay your tax obligations, we will make all the payments for you, if the government imposes new tax obligations, we will notified you, if the government grants you any potential benefits, we will let you know, WE WILL BE YOUR EYES AND EARS in Costa Rica.


Concierge Group Costa Rica was created as a response to the need of foreigners visiting or doing business in Costa Rica to find people who are qualified to fulfill their requirements in commercial, professional, investments and/or tourism areas.

At Concierge Group Costa Rica we like to talk directly to our clients; we believe that offering our clients a direct access  to our staff, makes all the difference. You can call us at any time so that we can assist you with the following services:


Access to information is key in maintaining your investments safe. By becoming a member, our team will notify you about any changes in the legislation that will impact your investment so that your investment is always in compliance with the law.


If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica.   We offer the support necessary so that you can spend your time enjoying your trip instead of worrying about the details.

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